CompTIA Network+ 3.0, Self-Paced

Time-on-Task: 60 hours
Courses may be completed in as little as a few short weeks, or up to 6 months.

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Course Description
This course prepares you to sit for the certification exam.

This course provides students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to become an IT network practitioner. This course is designed to fully prepare students to sit for and pass the CompTIA Network+ Certification exam. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate, and configure basic network infrastructure as well as describe networking technologies, understand basic design principles, adhere to wiring standards, and use testing tools.

Course Objectives

  • Explain computer network features such as packet switching and the OSI and TCP/IP layered models
  • Identify and explain common Application Layer services and protocols
  • Explain and compare the operation of Transport Layer protocols
  • Explain the characteristics of an IP network, internetwork routing and routing protocols
  • Identify different types and purposes of IPv4 addresses
  • Calculate IPv4 subnets and masksIdentify and describe IPv6 addresses
  • Explain the operation of Ethernet and LAN switching processes, including VLANs and STP
  • Identify and describe WAN technologies
  • Describe and compare the features and installation of wired and wireless networking media
  • Apply basic security techniques to mitigate identified network threats and vulnerabilities
  • Apply fundamental network design, configuration and troubleshooting methods

You want to be engaged as you learn. We get it.  We also know engagement is important to true retention and learning. For that reason, each course includes:

  • Online course material
  • eTextbook
  • Interactive lesson presentations
  • Interactive “Check Your Understanding” exercises/quizzes