Computer Concepts 3.0, Self-Paced

Time-on-Task: 26 hours
Courses may be completed in as little as a few short weeks, or up to 6 months.

Your success throughout your online course experience will be represented digitally within a badge. The badge will show your employers and professional network your qualifications as well as course materials you mastered.

Course Description
This course provides students with very basic skills on how to operate a computer and function within a digital environment. Students will explore a computer’s hardware and software, as well as use the internet for either job search or basic workplace purposes.

Course Objectives

  •       Operate a computer, including keyboard, mouse, and controls
  •       Create files within an application
  •       Write emails to communicate
  •       Attach files to an email
  •       Use the internet for research and social networking

You want to be engaged as you learn. We get it.  We also know engagement is important to true retention and learning. For that reason, each course includes:

  •       Online course material
  •       eTextbook
  •       Interactive lesson presentations
  •       Audio-to-go podcasts
  •       Personalized study guides
  •       User-specific pacing charts
  •       Engaging lesson presentations
  •       Interactive “Check Your Understanding” exercises/quizzes
  •       Mobile Friendly Experience: laptops, computers, tablets, etc.