Cultural Competence for Healthcare Providers 3.0, Self-Paced

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Course Description
This course shows students how to develop and strengthen their ability to effectively interact with diverse groups of people. Students will gain an understanding of how individuals and systems provide quality care to patients with diverse values, beliefs and behaviors. They will also learn how to tailor health care delivery to meet patients’ social, cultural, and linguistic needs. In addition, students will become aware of their own cultural influences and how they may affect perceptions, diagnoses and interactions with patients and colleagues. Finally, students will learn how cultural competence serves both as a vehicle to increase access to quality care for all patient populations and as a business strategy to attract new patients and market share.

Course Objectives

  •       Analyze concepts related to diversity and cultural competence
  •       Apply strategies for working with patients on an individual level, while honoring various cultural norms.
  •       Analyze effects of power within the health care setting
  •       Determine ways to adapt to cultural contexts based on analysis of the cultural competency scale
  •       Use intentional strategies to disrupt the cycle of oppression
  •       Continually seek opportunities to learn about cultural norms that stretch oneÕs own parameters.

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