Career Advancement Program

Online, non-credit courses for a career change, professional advancement or personal enrichment

The Benefits of Hawai'i Pacific University Courses:

National Recognition: A wide selection of prep courses for national tests, certifications and credentials.
Quality: Online courses provide the knowledge and skills needed in today's workplace. 
Accessible: Immediate access to learning with seamless registration, enrollment and purchase process.

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Business & Professional

With nearly half a million open positions, employment in the professional and management sectors is quickly on the rise. These programs are designed to provide your students with additional skills to advance careers in management of the corporate sector. Also, the programs teach the techniques necessary for the in-demand positions, and they are validated by over 4,000 employers.

Project Management & Quality

As businesses seek to reduce costs and improve efficiency, the demand for project managers is at an all-time high. Our courses in project management and quality are designed to augment an existing skill base and educational background with highly recognized and valued certifications. By validating job skills in project management, process control and process design, our courses will enhance marketability for advancement in an existing career path.

IT & Software Development

As computer technology grows increasingly integral to many businesses, careers involving computer skills are becoming some of the fastest growing in the nation. With nearly half a million open positions, information technology and software development hold enormous potential for career opportunities.

Workplace Readiness

Increasingly, employers are seeking individuals with a solid foundation in the "soft skills." Those with a solid foundation in attributes such as communication, professionalism, teamwork, and critical thinking are better prepared to adapt to the challenges of entering the workforce, and are viewed by potential employers as having a leg up on the competition. We offer a series of workplace readiness courses teaching skills that are applicable across any career sector.

Health Careers

Health care is one of the largest job sectors in the nation, and the unfilled demand for career professionals approaches half a million open jobs. Health careers represent four of the top five in-demand occupations in the country. Developed to enhance workplace competency, these courses provide a solid footing upon which to build a better workforce.

A look at the online course experience…

Study Guides

Evaluate your confidence heading into each lesson as the study guide provides a recommended study path based on your results. With just one click, you are redirected from results to “Review Topic”, with unlimited practice opportunities to help maximize study time.


We know that you juggle full-time work and family responsibilities, along with your studies. Our self-paced courses offer flexible alternatives to traditional classes, and courses can be completed anytime, anywhere. Enroll today, or any time to take control of your professional future. 

Practice Quizzes

Once you are finished with a lesson, you will be prompted to take a practice quiz to gauge your overall comprehension of the lesson material.  Once you reach a score of 80% or higher, your final, graded assessment will be unlocked.